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The CPRO - Citizens for the Promotion of Recreational Opportunities is the umbrella group that is organizing the local Hampton recreational, environmental, and sports associations.
The BCO - Buckroe Citizens Organization is working with the residents of Buckroe Beach to help them develop a cohesive voice for all area citizens. 
President - Sandra Canepa
As we add Hampton associations and local branches of national associations to our list of partners in keeping the green space green at Buckroe Beach, we will add them to the website under the umbrella of CPRO.
Jordan, Sandra, Trish, Cecile, and All . . .
The following organizations are leading the campaign to save the land shown above from condominium and housing development - preserving green space at the Buckroe Beach bay front:

We appreciate all the support and feedback we receive from the community.
Keep visiting this site.  We will continuously update it to keep you informed.
Thank you!
Pass the word around.

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Public participation is "CRITICAL" NOW to STOP the City Council from continuing to take away from its citizenry.

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2005 Buckroe
Master Plan

Hampton City Council
July 13, 2005, citizens out to save the Buckroe Beach bay front sang "The Buckroe Beach Anthem" before the Hampton City Council. Learn the song lyrics, sing along, and pass the message to others to save the green space at the Buckroe Beach bayfront.
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Photo by Buddy Norris/Daily Press
Buckroe Beach
Located in
Hampton, Virginia
Delphi Technique:
A citizen's view
GSLs Brief to Planning Commission 12/11/06.

See Daily Press article,
"A 'green' Buckroe Beach" 12/15/06

Reasons for not selling Lots B.
Negative Aspects.
Parking Visual - potential problems.
Citizen alternate vision.

Chesapeake Bay
“Instead of being sold for condos and other housing, help save Lots B, shown above, for a professionally designed Chesapeake Bay Front Park with shaded benches and walkways; open green fields for flying kites, playing pick-up games, and running; and ample parking for everyone, so this will be a unique and beautiful attraction for our area.”
Council met Jan 24, 2007 for final vote selecting Option B. Stay tuned for more responses to be publicized soon.
Lot A
We are continuing to inform and involve the public!
More info.......
Latest News . . . 
“The park can be interspersed with revenue-producing attractions such as, but not limited to a miniature golf course, a nice restaurant, coffee and ice cream shops, beach sport equipment rentals, nice concession booths, nice restrooms, more shaded gazebos to better accommodate the large gatherings, etc.
Buckroe Green Space Ladies (GSL)
Our only public open space at the beach left in the area will now soon be reduced.  A select few will purchase and live on our waterfront property!
February 21, 2006:  A special Hampton City Council public meeting was held to discuss the Buckroe Master Plan.  Different visions of the Bay Front were presented by each member of Council.  They presented their personal visions and those collected from some Hampton citizens.  A decision was made to have our City Manager, Mr. Jesse Wallace, look at all of the different visions presented and devise a plan to to start a new planning process for the Buckroe Bay Front (Lots B).

Following is the vision offered by the Green Space Ladies to Council for consideration.  It was taken from input gathered over the past year from concerned citizens and from some Council members.

June 19, 2006: The newly formed Buckroe Bay Front Steering Committee met...
July 28, 2006:  The newly formed Buckroe Bay Front Steering Committee was disbanded.  New plans are to hire an experienced park designer.  See letter from City Manager, Jesse Wallace.
"As has been expressed to Hampton's City Manager by the Green Space Ladies, having a professional park planner involved to come up with different visions for the bay front is great news and is just what the public wanted from the very beginning of the planning process.

We are very thankful to the Council for moving forward in a positive direction with this process for the good of all of Hampton’s citizens."
Let’s go to Buckroe™
Simon Gaskill put the wishes of the vast majority of  Hampton citizens first when it came to supporting the Green Space effort.

Lola Woodroof believed Buckroe Beach was a special place.
October 3, 4, & 5, 2006: The City of Hampton sponsored the Buckroe Planning Sessions.  See citizen report. 
September 7, 2006:  The City of Hampton and the GSLs advertise for public participation in the Buckroe Planning Sessions.
Park Ideas to be added to the Ideas Page.
"Support Buckroe"
"Buckroe Vote"
Lot B
Lot B
Lot B
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The Green Space Ladies endorse Option D/D-1
December 11, 2006: The Planning Commission met to hear the Planning Departments recommendation and to hear public input.  See Kimball Payne's Daily Press article. See the GSLs brief to the Planning Commission
Continue to have a voice in the disposition of the land that belongs to you, the citizens!
Continue to help keep the current Buckroe Beach Park as a place for all to visit!
Buckroe - A Citizens Report 11/20/06.pdf
Click on picture for larger view.
January 8, 2007: The Planning Commissions recommends Option E to Council for consideration for Buckroe's Lots B. 
January 24, 2007:   Hampton citizens have been wronged.  Mayor Ross Kearney, Councilmembers' Joe Spensor, Charlie Sapp, Rhet Tignor, and Paige Washington sold out Hampton Citizens with their VOTE to sell most of the people's publicly owned land at Buckroe (Lots B) to developers.  A move that is not good for the entire Hampton community, but only for a select few.  A vote for Option D-1 or a modified B that kept Lots B public and offered portions for commercial leasing would have been for the good of all people.  Plans that would have worked well.  These five had no good reason for voting to sell off large portions of Buckroe's Lots B which have been beloved, enjoyed, and treasured by Hamptonians for generations. 

Councilwoman Angela Leary stayed true to supporting the wishes of thousands of Hampton residents who requested Lots B never be sold to developers for private residential development.  Vice Mayor Randy Gillialand supported Councilwoman Leary in his vote Wednesday night.

Stay tuned -- our battle is not over...nothing is written in stone.  Also, with your continuing support, we all still have a lot to do prior to councilmanic elections in 2008.

We will update this website as developments occur.  Visit often.
Click here to see all option choices
Option D-1 shown here kept Lots B public, offered ample offstreet public parking, and the new housing fronted the park and was not on Lots B.

Continue to let Hampton City Council know your thoughts.
Over 12,000 people signed the Petition
Option D-1 a citizen suggested "tweaking" of Option D.
The Bayfront Initiative portion of the 2005 Buckroe Beach Master Plan called for building condominiums and housing on our precious waterfront green space (Lots B). This view and green space shown as Lots B will be lost to residential development without the support from ALL Hampton residents.
Continue to help in the Campaign to Save the View and Space at the
Buckroe Beach Bayfront for the Public...
We are not stopping!
Five Hampton City Councilmembers got what they wanted...Option B in the VOTE on 1/24/07. 

Hampton Citizens lose, coming away with two pocket parks surrounded by traffic, residents on all three Lots B, and no offstreet parking!
Citizens...Right up until Council's final vote everyone was hoping they would vote with the people as witness in the remarks below.  However, Council did not support Hampton residents with their vote.  Apparently, our Hampton City leadership was not listening, because clearly you told them what you wanted!  Their "best judgement" is questionable! See special message to citizens in the speech below.  Thank you.

January 24 2007          


Mayor Kearney, Vice Mayor Gilliland, Council, Mr. Wallace, Ms. Hudson

Good Evening, 

Nearly two years ago I stood before Council and voiced opposition to the adoption of the 2005 Buckroe Beach Master Plan because it called for selling the public waterfront property fronting the Buckroe Bay Front known as Lots B.

My recommendation to Council was to not approve the plan at that time, but rather give it careful consideration and further research.

Addressing this issue tonight is proof that you listened to my request, and I thank you.

That being said, I rest assured that you have collected more than enough information to use your best judgment and to make a sound decision in this matter.

I wish to take the remainder of my time to thank all of the people who have in one way or another supported the efforts to protect the public property at the Bay Front.

The Green Space Ladies offer special thanks to all of the more than 12,000 petition signers, to the more than 60 businesses who carried the petition or who allowed us to conduct petition drives at your site, to all the people who live in places across our country who have been touched by Buckroe at one time or another in their lives who took the time to participate in our City’s issue to protect a special place. 

Thank you for participating in the City sponsored meetings, for all of your emails and phone calls to our City staff and to our Council, for your letters and articles in the newspaper, and for your personal emails and words of encouragement throughout the past two years. 

You are the real champions in any successful outcome we may have tonight.

Trish Ferraro
Green Ribbon Campaign
Great Myth
"Buckroe plan flaw"
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