Buckroe Beach Amusement Park - Rollercoaster 1985
This picture has been pieced together from three pictures I took of different sections of the rollercoaster.  It gives somewhat of a good perspective of how the rollercoaster looked from the view at the corner of Point Comfort Avenue and Second Street.  I believe some portions were already torn down by this time.  Shortly after these pictures were taken the rollercoaster was torn down completely. 

Now, we are fighting to save this land for public use so all citizens can continue enjoying this wonderful space and view in Buckroe at the waterfront on the Chesapeake Bay.  Join us and help save this section of our waterfront from being sold for private housing development.  The Hampton citizens own this property and there is no good reason to sell it.  This land can be developed into a wonderful Chesapeake Bay front park flanked with amenities that appeal to all citizens of Hampton.  Look on our website for ways to help.  Thank you.
Trish Ferraro
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